BB People Meet Review

You cannot give up on finding love or a successful relationship just because you do not mind maintaining a plus sized figure. Most of the times, skinny women or less bulky men are preferable. However, you cannot deny the fact that big beautiful women or big handsome men are equally cute and charming. To help such women or men find their dream partners, BBW dating sites are established. One such site is BB People Meet. It is the right place and a robust platform to interact with plus sized singles or making new friends for whom size is just a number.


For users who wish to seek features of the site for free can take the one available unlimited plan. But, this package does not help you with the entire set of features. You can research and find whether the site really suits your comfort zone. For people who want to upgrade their membership or are optimist to find the love of their lives on this platform, BB People Meet has offered two pricing options.

  • For one month plan, you pay $14.99.
  • For six months plan, you pay $6.99 per month.

The premium package is minimal compared to the one month subscription; that makes most of the users to choose the premium package as you receive an additional option of highlighting the profile. Also, with the 6 months subscription, you are notified when your message is opened by the receiver.

Safety and Security

You can read the terms mentioned in the privacy policies regarding safety before updating your information on the site. The site seems safe as it safeguards the detailed information provided by each of its users. Hence, you can ensure that the financial or the personal information that you are planning to upload for joining the community will be safe in their hands. They do not sell or rent the data to any third party companies.

Most of the times you will find many profiles being listed in the search engines while researching about the site. To avoid your name and profile to pop up, you have the option to limit unnecessary people viewing your profile and exclude your name from the list.

While registration, the site scans the account with the details provided by each user and then makes the profile live for keeping scammers at bay.

Communication Tools

Similar to the other BBW online dating sites, you are offered with several options to communicate with rest of the members. A few of these tools are chat, email, virtual flirts and message ideas. Chat and email are strong options when you know exactly what to convey to the person you are interested in. If you find anybody online and his or her profile catches your attention, you can pick the chat option and initiate chatting. The text chatting system is very easy to use and even an amateur can quickly get a grip of it. You can even make use of web cameras to have a video communication if you have already known the person for some time now.

Sending flirts is a common way to let people know you are interested in them. There are a few great message ideas for initiating interaction such as asking them their views over fashion style, the type of books they read, whether they like traveling and similar questions.

Searching Alternatives

BB People Meet fills each member with daily regular matches. Hence, the beginners who are not acquainted to the BBW dating niche can make use of this feature exclusively. There is a list of options to choose from while making the advanced search. Some of these alternatives are religion, username, height, zodiac sign, children, looking for, status, build and ethnicity. You can even refine the search by either entering the zip code and find people registered at BB People Meet in your vicinity or picking only those profiles that have photographs.

Success Stories

It is always important to read testimonials or success stories before signing up yourself at any random website. BB People Meet gives you an option to read these stories before you register. It gives you a quick sneak peek at the offers the website can provide. You will find a long list of such stories that can inspire you and readily make you interested in being a member.

Editor's Verdict

In very simple words, BB People Meet is a regular site that does the basic job of making you meet big handsome men, big beautiful women or their admirers. The features provided by the site are similar to what other sites offer. Hence, there is no such grand excitement for registering at the site.

With over 90,000 people signed up at BB People Meet, you surely can ensure that there would be one member who exactly matches your expectations and can be your doting partner. You just have to dig a little more to search the man or the woman of your life at the site and become a successful member.